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Musical Expression and Musical Meaning in Context :: Music Philosophy Essays

Musical Expression and Musical Meaning in Context 1. Some preliminaries. There is a growing body of work in the philosophy of music and musical aesthetics that has considered the various ways that music can be meaningful: music as representational (that is, musical depictions of persons, places, processes, or events); musical as quasi-linguistic reference (as when a musical figure underscores the presence of a character in a film or opera), and most especially, music as emotionally expressive. Here I will focus on the last topic, for I believe it will be useful for researchers in music perception and cognition to avail themselves of the distinctions that aestheticians have worked out regarding the musical expression of emotion. Now we often say that music is "expressive," or that a performer plays with great expression, but what exactly do we mean? There are at least two things one may be saying. First, one may be praising a performer for their musical sensitivity, that he or she has a keen sense of just how a passage is supposed to be played. Such praise is often couched in terms of the performer's "musicality" (in statements that border on the oxymoronic, as when one says that a performer plays the music very musically). Such praise may also be couched in terms of expression--i.e., that a performer plays "expressively." I have little to say about these attributions, save that they are often linked to the second thing one often means when speaking of the music or a performance being expressive: an expressive piece or performance is one that recognizably embodies a particular emotion, and indeed may cause a sympathetic emotional response in the listener. Thus if one plays "expressively," this means that the music's particular emotional qualities--its sadness, gaiety, exuberance, and so forth, are amply conveyed by the performer. Before we discuss those emotional qualities a number of other preliminary remarks are in order. When we speak of the expressive properties of music, these are distinct from the expressive properties of sound. Sounds may be loud, shrill, acoustically rough or smooth, and so forth. These acoustic qualities have expressive correlates and may trigger emotional responses, and of course one cannot have music without sound. But musical expression is more than this: it requires the attention to the music qua music, rather than as mere sounds. The opening "O Fortuna" of Carmina Burana may shock (and indeed scare) the listener due to its sudden loudness (especially when the bass drum starts whacking away), but this shock isn't a musical effect--we get the same reaction when we here a sudden "bang" at a fireworks display or when a car backfires.

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Kfc Versus Mcdonald’s

INTRODUCTION 1. 1 Background KFC According to the information, â€Å"Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is a chain of fast food restaurant based in Louisville, Kentucky, United States that selling Kentucky Fried Chicken around the world. † It had been rated at number 60 as the world most famous brand by BusinessWeek. For KFC, fried chickens was the food they primary focus to sells. â€Å"Their basic products included chicken pieces, salads, sandwiches, desserts and some roasted and grilled chicken cuisines too. † Besides that, the beef and pork based products also offered by KFC outside the USA.The first idea of KFC’s fried chicken actually is in 1930 but it was only founded in 1952 by Colonel Harland Sanders, who was born on September 9, 1980 in Indiana, America and he was the man who developed the secret recipe which blends of 11 herbs and spices for making Kentucky Fried Chicken and this secret recipe still used today. Nowadays, KFC has more than 15,000 outlets in 1 05 countries around the world. In 1973, the first KFC restaurant in Malaysia was opened at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, Kuala Lumpur. In overall, KFC currently has 445 outlets in Malaysia and it had become the largest fast food chain in Malaysia.McDonald’s According to the information, McDonald’s is the world’s largest chain of fast food restaurant based in Des Plaines, Illinois in 1955 to today that selling hamburgers around the world and it had been rated at number 9 as the world most famous brand by BusinessWeek. â€Å"For McDonald’s, foods that primarily sells by them are hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken, French fries, breakfast items, soft drinks, shakes and desserts. † But nowadays, due to the changing of customers’ tastes, the restaurant menu which are included salads, smoothies and fruits have been expanded by McDonald’s company.The founder of McDonald’s is Ray Kroc although the first concept of McDonald’s was act ually introduced by sibling Dick and Mac McDonald and they built the first McDonald’s restaurant in 1940 in San Bernardino, California. In 1954, Mr. Ray Kroc acquired franchising rights from Dick and Mac McDonald and a McDonald’s franchise was opened on 15 April, 1955 and later bought out the McDonald’s share of the McDonald brothers. The McDonald’s Corporation was then founded in 1955 and it was expanded by Ray Kroc. Nowadays, McDonald’s has more than 31,000 outlets in 109 countries around the world.In 29 April 1982, the first McDonald’s restaurant in Malaysia was opened at Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. In overall, McDonald’s currently has 200 outlets and about 20 to 25 outlets are being expanded annually. 1. 2 Problem This report has been written to compare the customer service of fast food restaurants in Malaysia: KFC versus McDonald’s. Nowadays, increasing competitive challenges have been faced by the fast food restaur ants in Malaysia such as restaurants KFC and McDonald’s. In order to satisfy the customers at a fast food restaurant, excellent customer service should be provided to customers by the management and the staff.Because beside the food quality, the standardize customer service that provided by fast food restaurants is expected by the customers. Currently, customer service is one of the factors that determine the customer satisfaction and it will directly affect the business of their fast food restaurants. However, recently the fast food restaurants are lack of customer service. The standardization in franchising business format does not ensure the standardization of customer service within the fast food restaurants due to some outlets are not able to follow up the same standards for customer service in franchise system. . 3 Purposes The purposes of this report are firstly to investigate the customer satisfaction with the customer service that is provided by KFC versus McDonaldâ €™s and secondly, to find out why students from Tar College prefer McDonald’s than KFC. Lastly, is to find out what aspects of customer service that provided by KFC and McDonald’s affect their business. 1. 4 Methods 1. 4. 1 The Sample The sample size of 30 was randomly selected, between the age of 18 to 22 from different gender. They are all students from School of Business Studies (Banking and Finance), Tar College KL Main Campus. 1. 4. 2 Data Collection ) Survey 30 sets of questionnaires were distributed as a source of primary data at Tar College KL Main Campus. These questionnaires consisted of 8 questions which focused on the customer satisfaction with the customer service that is provided by KFC versus McDonald’s, the reasons why students from Tar College prefer McDonald’s than KFC and what aspects of customer service that provided by KFC and McDonald’s affect their business. A clean copy of the questionnaire can be found in Appendix A. b) Internet Search The source of secondary data is the information obtained from the internet research.Information was gathered on the customer service that is provided by KFC and McDonald’s from the Internet. Various websites of KFC and McDonald’s were browsed through for this research. 1. 5 Scope This report investigates the customer service that provided by KFC and McDonald’s only. Other fast food restaurants are not included in this report. It focuses on the customer satisfaction with the customer service that was provided by KFC versus McDonald’s, the reasons why students from Tar College preferred McDonald’s than KFC and what aspects of customer service that provided by KFC and McDonald’s affect their business.The survey questions were distributed on 28 May 2012 at Tar College and collected back after the respondents finished their survey and only had 30 Tar College KL Main Campus students of School of Business Studies (Banking and Finan ce) were surveyed for this report. 2. FINDINGS 2. 1 Findings from Survey / Questionnaire Pie Chart 1. 1 The chart shows the frequency of TARC students go to fast food restaurant. 30 respondents were surveyed. As shown in the pie chart 1. , there is a total of 12 respondents who were going to the fast food restaurant once every two weeks, which occupied 40% of the 30 respondents. There are also 8 respondents which equal to 27% of the 30 respondents are going to the fast food restaurant once a month. Besides this, there are 6 respondents, 20% of the 30 respondents go to fast food restaurant once a week. For the remaining 4 respondents, there are 3 respondents go to fast food restaurant less than once a month and only 1 respondent go to fast food restaurant for two or three times a week.This pie chart shows that, most of the TARC students are going to fast food restaurant once every two weeks as it occupied 40% of the 30 respondents and the least of the TARC students are going to fast food restaurant for two or three times a week as it only occupied 3% of the 30 respondents. Pie Chart 1. 2 The chart shows the fast food restaurants that TARC students prefer to go. 30 respondents are being selected for a survey of either KFC or McDonald’s they will prefer to go. As shown in the pie chart 1. 2, there are 26 respondents which occupied a large portion of 87% among the 30 respondents are prefer to go to McDonald’s.Whereas the remaining of 4 respondents which only occupied a small portion of 13% among the 30 respondents is prefer to go to KFC. There are large portions of TARC students prefer to go to McDonald’s rather than KFC. These may be affected by the customer services, prices and the set menu provided by the McDonald’s are better than KFC. Bar Chart 1. 1 The chart shows the customer satisfaction with the customer service that is provided by KFC versus McDonald’s. 30 respondents were surveyed. As shown in the bar chart 1. 1, there is a total of 17 respondents who satisfied with the customer service that is provided by KFC.Whereas there is a total of 13 respondents who are not satisfed with the customer that is provided by KFC. On the other hand, there is a total of 26 respondents who are satisfied with customer service that is provided by McDonald’s and the other 4 respondents are not satisfied with customer service that is provided by McDonald’s. This bar chart shows that, customer service provided by McDonald’s are more satisfied by the respondents. KFCMcDonald’s Poor AverageGoodPoorAverageGood My food order was correct and complete1161311316 Waiting time after ordering food12631209 Staff are patient when taking orders32431254Communication skills421511910 Telephone services skills72032226 Staff are friendly and polite520531710 Sauces.. untenils.. 714931710 Table 1. 1 Bar Chart 1. 2 Bar Chart 1. 3 Bar chart 1. 2 and 1. 3 shows that, for KFC and McDonald’s, we focus on seve n interesting customer services which were responded well from our 30 respondents in TAR College through the questionnaire survey which included whether the food was correct and complete, waiting time after ordering food, staffs are patient when taking food, communication skills, telephone service skills, staff are friendly and polite, and availability of sauces, tissues, and utensils.According to the survey, the questions were focused on the customer services for both KFC and McDonald’s. From the respondents view, we found that the consumers are more satisfied with the ordering service in McDonald’s compared to KFC. Ordering service is important to maintain the business because if the food order was wrong and incomplete, this may cause consumer resentful with the service that provide by the fast food restaurant.Next, the waiting time after service play an important role in the fast food restaurant and this is the reason why consumers like to have their meal in fast fo od restaurant because usually most of them are students or workers who are in the hurry so they need to get their meal in the shortest time. Based on the respondent view, the waiting time after ordering food in McDonald’s is faster and shorter than KFC, this show that respondents are more preferred to have their meal in McDonald’s.Moreover, the attitude of the staff when taking order from the consumer will affect the reputation of the restaurant. Due to the survey, staff from McDonald’s are more patient when taking order than staff from KFC. In addition, Malaysia was a multi-racial country, so the communication skills are important when communicate with their customer. The respondents from survey feel that communication skills of McDonald’s are better than KFC since the McDonald’s can speaks in multiple languages. Nowadays, apart from drive hrough and having meal in restaurant, most of the fast food restaurants are provided telephone service for co nsumer to ordering food. For the staff who responsible to the telephone service, they need to answering the phone with the polite attitude and the speed of the staff speaking was important to ensure that the customer can listen clearly and understand. According the result of survey, respondents are more likely to use the telephone service of McDonald’s compared to KFC. Furthermore, friendly and polite staffs are according to the staffs who work in a fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s and KFC.This refers to their respond on how to serve their customer, a staff should be able to respond well such as the way they welcome their customers, taking order and answer customer question. When a staff from a particular fast food restaurant such as McDonald’s and KFC performs nicely and in a courteous behavior, this leads to frequent visit of the customers to the particular fast food restaurant. As a result from survey, we found that respondents are more preffered to M cDonald’s customer service compared to KFC.Lastly, the avaibility of sauces, tissue and utensils also act an important role in a fast food restaurants because some of the customer would like to have some sauces to favor their food and they may need some tissue after taking meal. Refer to the survey, most of the respondents are more satisfied with the facilities of the McDonald’s compared to KFC. In short, the customer services of the McDonalds are more prefered by customers if compared to KFC. Bar Chart 1. 4 The chart shows the methods that are suitable for KFC and McDonald’s to improve their customer services. 0 respondents were based on their opinion and preferences to respond how to improve the customer services for KFC and McDonald’s. Based on the survey, 17 out of 30 respondents had been choose to train the staff to be polite always for KFC and 8 respondents for McDonald’s. On the other hand, 15 of respondents had responded to train their staf f to use language to promote a good customer services and 16 respondents had choose it for McDonald’s. 9 respondents had responded to train their staff to deal with customers complaints for KFC and 8 respondents for McDonald’s.There are 20 respondents had choose to increase the speed of services for both KFC and McDonald’s. 8 respondents responded that communicate more with customer are suitable in to improve customer services for KFC and 9 respondents for McDonalds. KFC and McDonald’s both have 11 respondents respond on upgrade the staff appearance and image. Upgrade of delivery services for KFC have 12 respondents and for McDonald’s have 13 respondents. 8 respondents had responded that KFC need to upgrade their telephone services and 15 respondents responded that McDonald’s need to do so to improve their customer services.It is highly likely most of the respondents responded that the KFC and McDonald’s need to increase the speed of services because it was probably due to the staff served the staff slowly and the waiting time is long. For KFC, there are very least respondents unsatisfied with the telephone services skills and for McDonald’s there are only 8 respondents unsatisfied with the staff manners and attitude. As a conclusion, KFC and McDonald’s and should focus more on the speed of their services and the staff appearance and image so that it can help to improve their services. . 2 Findings from the internet From our secondary research, we found that the customer service provided by McDonald’s is better than KFC. Due to the good customer service provided by McDonald’s, many customers prefer McDonald’s to KFC. For KFC, we found that there is a declining service standards. A lots of complaint about KFC. Our research shows that, many customers end up with disappointed with the customer service provided by KFC after they visit it. Many customers complainted that the staff a re impatient when taking their orders and poor manners.One of the examples is â€Å"on 6 February, 2012 an serious incident was happened at KFC i-city, Shah Alam Malaysia. The KFC’s staff was fighting and hitting their customer. † Customers are paid to eat at KFC, no one deserve to be treated like that. Besides that, the food that customers orders was not correct. For example, â€Å"a customer ordered a bucket meal: 5 grilled and 5 original but when he opened the bucket, his half-grilled half-original recipe order was replaced by an all-grilled bucket. † These all indicated the bad customer service from KFC so customers less prefers go to KFC than McDonald’s.In contrast, McDonald’s less likely to have these kinds of problems. McDonald’s always provide good service based on standardization in franchising business format to their customers. So customers will prefers go to McDonald’s than KFC. 3. CONCLUSION In conclusion, most of the res pondents are prefer McDonald’s instead of KFC. As mentioned above, the reasons that respondents prefer McDonald’s from a brief view are the customer services provided such as staff attitude, communication skills, telephone service skills, availability of utensils is better than KFC as McDonald’s is compare with KFC.Based on our research, it is shown that both McDonald’s and KFC have their own customer services such as Drive-Thru services, delivery services, telephone services, staff attitude and others which can attracting customers. Both fast food restaurants are always maintained and improve their quality and services provided which can make sure their services are preferred and satisfied by everyone. This can maintain their old customers and also attracted some new customers. Most of the TARC students are prefer to go McDonald’s by referring the questionnaires.According to our research, KFC should improve their customer services until they can a chieve the similar popularity level just like McDonald’s, so that they could be the preferable fast food restaurant. Furthermore, customers can always give some opinion, suggestions or comments on their homepage or through the comment box to make sure that both McDonald’s and KFC understand the needs of the customers. Both McDonald’s and KFC also can improve their quality of products and customer services so that customers can satisfy with the services provided. 4. RECOMMENDATIONSAccording to the conclusion, we are recommend that the customer services for both fast food restaurants, McDonald’s and KFC which were not satisfied by customers should be improved to achieve a higher level or more preferable and satisfied by customers. For McDonald’s, we are recommend that the communication skill of the staff should improve by training their staff to use language that promotes good customer services based on the respondents view. The McDonald’s sta ff should not talk too fast or too slow to the customers so that the customers can hear clearly what they talking about.Moreover, McDonald’s should communicate more with their customers such as distribute a survey and request a feedback. Through this method, McDonald’s can know the needs and the satisfaction of their customers about their products and services so that they can improve their products and services. Furthermore, McDonald’s can upgrade their delivery services such as delivery within 15minutes and maintain the food freshness. The delivery staff must drive carefully to avoid accident so that the customers can trust on them.Lastly, McDonald’s also can upgrade their telephone service skills. When the customers call for the delivery, the staff must explain clearly to the customers about their menu and double confirm with the menu order by the customers. McDonald’s also can provide more type of language for the customers so that they can cho ose the language they know. Besides that, for KFC, the respondents have gives some opinions and comments which the KFC’s staff needs to increase the speed of services to ensure that the customers no need to wait and queue for a long time to get the food.The KFC’s staff also needs to be polite when serving their customers. The KFC can conduct a programme which the main objective is to train their staff to be polite when serving customers to avoid their staff argue with the customers. This can decrease the complaints from the customers. When they receive complaint from customers, they need to know how to deal with the customers promptly. So, KFC may give the empowerment to their staff and give training to their staff how to make decision when dealing the complaint from customers.Lastly, KFC need to upgrade their staff’s appearance and image. For example, KFC can set up guidelines for their staff how to improve their image and appearance. If the staff looks tidy an d clean, customers will be more confident to buy their products. On the other hand, the customers will never buy their products if their staff looks messy and dirty. Therefore, we suggest that the recommendations mentioned above might be encouraged more customers to buy their products and be more satisfy when buying their products as well as both McDonald’s and KFC improved their customer services.

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El and La With Country and Place Names in Spanish

Use of the definite article, the equivalent of the in English, with country or place names is much more common in Spanish than in English, although it is not often required. The definite articles in Spanish are el and la, both meaning, the. El is used to modify masculine nouns or places. La is used to modify feminine nouns or places. The only case where the definite article is used in almost all cases is if you are modifying a country or place with an adjective or a prepositional phrase. For example, Soy de Espaà ±a means Im from Spain, and no definite article is needed. But, if the place becomes modified with an  adjective, like being called, beautiful, then the definite article is retained. For example, Soy de la Espaà ±a  hermosa, which means, Im from beautiful Spain. Another example, there is no definite article in Mà ©xico es  interesante, meaning, Mexico is interesting, but, there is the definite article in El Mà ©xico del  siglo  XVI era  interesante, meaning,  16th-century Mexico was interesting. Four Countries and a City That Should Keep the Definite Article Unfortunately, there is no way to predict when to use the  definite article, although most of the time where English uses the definite article, such as when referring to the Dominican Republic or The Hague, Spanish does also. The following list included the countries that should have the definite article used in most cases, although Spanish language rules are not strict about it. El Cairo ​La Haya  (The Hague) ​La India ​La Repà ºblica Dominicana ​El Salvador Other Place Names That Use a Definite Article So while you can say el Brasil to refer to Brazil, Brasil by itself will also do just fine in most cases. The article seems to be used more often in speech than in contemporary writing. For example in newspapers and online references in Spanish, Estados Unidos,  the Spanish translation for United States,  is frequently written without the article. Following are the most common countries and places that may have a definite article: La Arabia Saudita  (Saudi Arabia) ​La Argentina el Brasil  (Brazil)  Ã¢â‚¬â€¹el Camerà ºn  (Cameroon)  Ã¢â‚¬â€¹el Canadà ¡ ​la China ​el Cuzco  (city in Peru) ​el Ecuador ​los Estados Unidos  (the United States) ​las Filipinas  (the Philippines) ​la Florida ​la Habana  (Havana)  Ã¢â‚¬â€¹el Irak  (Iraq) ​el Irà ¡n ​el Japà ³n  (Japan) ​el Là ­bano  (Lebanon) ​La Meca  (Mecca) ​el Nepal ​los Paà ­ses Bajos  (the Netherlands) ​el Pakistà ¡n ​el Paraguay ​el Perà º ​el Reino Unido  (the United Kingdom)  Ã¢â‚¬â€¹el Senegal ​la Somalia ​el Sudà ¡n ​el Tibet ​el Uruguay ​el Vietnam ​el Yemen

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Limits to the First Amendment Essays - 1166 Words

Limits to the First Amendment The United States of America seems to be protected by a very important historical document called the Constitution. Despite the fact that it was written and signed many years ago, the American people and their leaders still have faith in the Constitution. One of the major statements of the Constitution is the First Amendment, freedom of speech. Although it is difficult to decide what is offensive and what is not, it is clear to see that songs of rape, violence, bigotry, and songs containing four letter words are completely unnecessary for susceptible minds to acknowledge. It is reasonable to say that more people listen to music everyday and for that reason, music tends to be more influential. The American†¦show more content†¦These words by which we live by were actually made official on December 12, 1791. My point is that these governing words have governed our lives for over two centuries, which is a long time. The times arent the same as they were when the Constitution and its amendments were established, so we need to reconsider some of the ideas that are not valid in todays society. Our greatest freedom that our founding fathers left us, freedom of speech, needs to be reconsidered. Many times the Constitutional right of freedom of speech is taken too lightly in that people believe that they can say whatever they want to say when they want to say it. This is a false belief. One would think it very wrong to scream fire in the middle of a crowded building. The same goes for the lyrics of many songs these days. Music lyrics have profound public consequences and, in many ways, the music industry is more influential then anything#8230; (Brownback 454) therefore, there needs to be censorship of harmful lyrics so that listeners will not be influenced by the violence that many songs are about. This does not mean that singers can not sing certain songs, it means that it is not necessary for singers to glorify violent acts or in corporate meaningless four letter words that may be repeated. It is perfectly legal to draw the line with music if it is getting to a harmful state.Show MoreRelatedThe First Amendment Of The United States Constitution915 Words   |  4 PagesThese 45 words of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution embody some of our most important ideas about the meaning of liberty. A nationally recognized leader in the field of law related citizen education has truly broken down the importance of the First Amendment and he say, â€Å"Remove the First Amendment from the United States Constitution and you strike out the very means of testing the other rights and of protesting abuses of government.† The First Amendment includes six clauses thatRead MoreEffects Of Ratifying The Constitution Robert Whitehill s Speech On September Essay931 Words   |  4 Pagesbe able to discover the first encroachments on their liberties†. What Whitehill meant by this is that the Constitution needed something to back up the liberties of the citizens and protect them from an overpowering government. Thus, leading to the creation of the Bill of Rights. The first 10 amendments of the Constitution are the Bill of Rights. They were written by James Madison for a greater constitutional protection of liberties, the Bill of Rights lists specific limits on government power. SomethingRead MoreThe World War I And The Red Scare1552 Words   |  7 Pagesdistributing a document denouncing the draft in name of the 13th amendment (Schenck 1). When insurgency and fear continued, Congress amended the Espionage Act with the Sedition Act, which limited many more forms of speech (Fariello 14). At this point, society had to decide whether these limits on speech aligned with its interests. Holmes similarly had to consider whether to forfeit his belief that ideals in the Constitution and its Amendments exist absolutely (Cohen 27). In the end, he decided that aRead MoreThe Constitution Of The United States972 Words   |  4 Pagesthree amendments should be added to this great document, one out of the spirit of redundancy to illustrate the obvious, and the other two out of necessity to address issues of integrity and stability within government and society. These amendments reflect the issues of term limits to those within Congress, a religious freedom protection clause, and an American Integrity clause; the effects and administration of these amendments shall be explained through the body of this essay. The first amendmentRead MoreThe Tinker Case Of 1969 Expanded Students 1st Amendment Rights860 Words   |  4 PagesThe Tinker case of 1969 expanded students’ 1st Amendment rights in school and established the Tinker Test for future cases, whereas, if there was not a disturbance, and others were let alone, students First Amendment rights were intact. LaMorte (2012) notes â€Å"It can hardly be argued that either students or teachers shed their constitutional rights to freedom of speech or expression at the schoolhouse gate,† (p. 87). Freedom to express societal, political, and/or economic issues even if they are unpopularRead MoreThe Constitutional Rights Of The United States977 Words   |  4 Pagestwenty-eighth amendment, that if ratified to the U.S. Constitution would take the constitutional rights away from all artificial entities such as corporations, and limit all campaign expenditures including the candidate s own contributions and expenditures. The Supreme Co urt has ruled on multiple occasions that according to the fourteenth amendment corporations are individuals that have constitutional rights. If corporations have the same rights as individuals, then under the first amendment they haveRead MoreThe Rights Of The Citizens Of A Country973 Words   |  4 Pageslist and protect the rights of man, it is also in play to limit the power of the government, and to declare things Congress shall never do. These limitations serve to protect freedoms of religion and speech, a free press, free assembly, and free association, and the right to keep and bear arms. The U.S Bill of Rights is a document that officially became part of the constitution in 1791, consisting of the Constitution’s first ten amendments. It is the embodiment of the one true revolutionary idea inRead MoreFree Speech Should Be A Limit1348 Words   |  6 PagesAccording to Susan Jacoby, noted feminist and New York Times columnist, â€Å"I am a First Amendment junkie. You can’t OD on the First Amendment, because free speech is its own best antidote† (A First Amendment Junkie,19). Free speech is best refuted by itself because if someone doesn’t like a certain opinion, then they can reciprocate their opinion. In order for free speech to be refuted, someone needs to exercise their right of free speech and refute it. Jacoby is writing in the mid-to-late 70s, whenRead MoreThe Amendment And The Congressional Apportionment Amendment1285 Words   |  6 PagesThere have been many amendments that have made their way through the congress since first the co nstitution was instated. A few, however, never made it into the United States constitution. There were six amendments that were never ratified into the constitution. Some were justified in their reasons for not being ratified, but then there are some which to this day no one quite understands why they were not ratified into the constitution. In Americans attempt to be a fair and just country, its governmentRead MoreThe Fundamental Principles Of The Us Constitution1439 Words   |  6 PagesIt also sought to limit the actions of a possible tyrannical majority that begins to impose its interests on the public. Mill claims that the only limit that should be placed on expression is if it leads to the harms of others, it is not to be infringed upon if it only harms the individual. James Madison agreed with many of the concepts of Mill’s free speech, but thought a limit on speech was a sign of a breach of power, which was reflected in the drafting of the First Amendment. Recent Supreme Court

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Video Game Industry Analysis Essay - 1698 Words

Industry background The video game industry (formally referred to as interactive entertainment) is the economic sector involved with the development, marketing and sale of video and computer games. It includes video game consoles, game software, handheld devices, mobile games and online games. The video gaming industry has been growing exponentially in recent years. The growth is expected to leap-frog in the future. Following chart shows the projected market share by 2010 of different segment in the industry- Following chart shows growth of different segments in the industry- From the above charts, it is clear that the console is the largest segment in the industry, but online, mobile, pc software and broadband are some of†¦show more content†¦The online console gaming market is set to take off, as the new generation of consoles arrive with advanced networking and online gaming capabilities. The ability to download game demos, buy casual, as well as full-fledged console games, and access advanced content, including high-definition (HD) video, will play a major role in shaping the subsequent console generations. Key success features - Rich playing experience - Appeal and variety of supported games - Product innovation and differentiation - Keep up future changes Porter’s 5 forces competitive analysis Threat of new entrants: Low. It takes lot of resources and capital to enter into this market Bargaining power of Buyers: Moderate. Buyers hold moderate bargaining power because of low number of competitors and high switching cost Threat of substitute: Moderate. Interactive entertainment substitutes are not that many. Bargaining power of suppliers: Moderate. There are not many companies that the suppliers can supply to. But on the other hand the game development companies can have more power by developing specific games. Competition among industry rivals: Strong. There is intense competition among Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo for market share. Strategic Group Map Following chart shows the position of each product in the video gamingShow MoreRelatedHome Video Game Industry Analysis Essay862 Words   |  4 PagesSubject: The Home Video Game Industry: Industry Analysis History In 1949 the video game was thought of for the first time by an engineer named Ralph Baer but it would be years before video games would enter the spotlight.1 In 1972 Steve Bushnell started the first gaming company Atari. Until 1978 there were very few games for the home system. In 1982 Atari releases a newer version and sales start to sore. In 1985 Nintendo enters the market with the NES. Nintendo still outsells both companiesRead MoreFive Forces Analysis of the Video Game Industry943 Words   |  4 PagesForces Analysis of the Video Game Industry The video game industry is the economic sector involved with the development, marketing and sale of video and computer games. It includes video game consoles, game software, handheld devices, mobile games and online games. The video gaming industry has been growing exponentially in recent years with Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo competing for the higher profits in the market. This essay will analyze each of the five forces acting on the industry: threatRead MoreVideo Game Industry Analysis2720 Words   |  11 PagesSALES, DEMOGRAPHIC AND USAGE DATA 2013 ESSENTIAL FACTS ABOUT THE COMPUTER AND VIDEO GAME INDUSTRY [ iii ] â€Å"No other sector has experienced the same explosive growth as the computer and video game industry. Our creative publishers and talented workforce continue to accelerate advancement and pioneer new products that push boundaries and unlock entertainment experiences. These innovations in turn drive enhanced player connectivity, fuel demand for products, and encourage the progressionRead MoreVideo Game Industry Analysis2138 Words   |  9 PagesHistory The history of video games goes as far back as the 1940s, when in 1947 Thomas T. Goldsmith, Jr. and Este Ray Mann filed a United States patent request for an invention they described as a cathode ray tube amusement device. Video gaming would not reach mainstream popularity until the 1970s and 1980s, when arcade video games, gaming consoles and home computer games were introduced to the general public. Since then, video gaming has become a popular form of entertainment and a part of modernRead MoreVideo Game Industry- 5 Forces Analysis1442 Words   |  6 PagesForces Analysis of the Video Game Industry As in every industry, there are five competitive forces that determine the intensity of competition between the different players. These competitive forces are; the threat of entry of a new company in the industry, the threat of substitution by another product, the bargaining power of the buyers, the bargaining power of the suppliers, and rivalry among currently existing competitors. These competitive forces are easily seen in the video game industry, asRead MoreMarketing Analysis : Video Game Industry Essay1302 Words   |  6 Pagesevery other industry I believe the brand name is a pivotal component in the success of a company to sell products. The brand name speaks to the quality of the products, the consistency in the identity of the brand, the distribution intensity and the values of the brand. The brand name is what differentiates one product from another. A quality brand name also determines the price a product can be sold at. Although, Sony wasn’t previously known for being a powerhouse in the video game industry they haveRead MoreFive Forces Analysis of Video Game Console Industry Essay745 Words   |  3 PagesForces Analysis of Video Game Console Industry Threat of Substitutes: The main substitute for a video game console would be a personal computer. They can both be used for playing different types of video games and be used for entertainment. The threat of this substitute edging out video game consoles is very low, because they are not completely similar. If anything, video game consoles are edging out personal computers in the gaming industry. The threat of substitutes in the video game is notRead MoreVideo Games And The Video Game Industry1344 Words   |  6 Pages In the year 2016, the video game industry hit an important milestone. As seen in this 2015-2019 analysis, the industry hit a market value of over $100,000,000,000: (â€Å"THE GLOBAL GAMES MARKET REACHES $99.6 BILLION IN 2016, MOBILE GENERATING 37%†). Just like today, 1983 was looking great for the future of video games. However, unlike today, 1983 did not go great for the video game industry, it went awfully. In 1983, the video game industry crashed and h as not fully recovered to the value of the marketRead MoreThe Ultimate Gaming Experience : Buy Their Stocks1057 Words   |  5 PagesEntertainment Software Association in 2015, they found out that 155 million of Americans play video games. More interestingly, four out of five US households now own a device used to play video games. That device could be computer, gaming platform and also mobile devices. This information is relevant to have if we have the intention to invest in stocks in gaming industries. One of the big company in the gaming industry is GameStop Corporation. GameStop is a company that consisted many retail brands thatRead MoreSwot And Strategy Evaluation Of Gambling876 Words   |  4 Pagesis large business in the United States and other parts of the world. The gaming industry produces billions in income each year. Gambling comes in many forms; old-style casinos, the internet, and even machine gaming at local companies such as truck stops. However, the gaming marke t is very modest and not without risk. Large corporations produce millions if not billions of dollars to gain a reasonable edge. A SWOT analysis and strategy evaluation should be accomplished to assess factors in the business

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Microbiology of Disease Chapter 1 Ppt Free Essays

string(218) " whom require organ transplants that do not survive long enough to undergo the operation is staggering, and it has caused many professionals to ponder as to whether or not the current waiting list system is efficient\." Organ Harvesting Research Paper We have all heard about the stories and have seen the movies in which the protagonist wakes up in a tub covered in tons of ice and stitches in his side only to realize that he was a victim of organ theft. There have been many movies surrounding this horrid topic, and many people believe this concept is fictitious; however these movies have partial truth to them. There are many cases across the globe in which people have been given faulty organs, and cases in which doctors have been caught in the act of harvesting organs from deceased patients, but all of these cases are a result of one single issue. We will write a custom essay sample on Microbiology of Disease Chapter 1 Ppt or any similar topic only for you Order Now The violence surrounding global organ theft and trafficking is a direct result of lengthy periods of time for legal transplants, and the only way to prevent or completely resolve this issue is to re-examine the waiting process for transplants. Aliaksei Yafimau, as are most people, was always looking for an   opportunity to make some quick cash, and he found this through what he thought was a profitable advertisement online that told that him he could receive a great deal of money for one of his kidneys. At 30 years old, Yafimau’s profession was installing satellite television systems in Babrujsk, Belarus for meager wages. He saw this simple operation as a step towards getting out of poverty and within a short period of time he was transported to Quito, Ecuador where he was held against his will for over a month until surgeons could remove his kidney. He was held captive by Roini Shimshilashvili, an enforcer for of an international trafficking ring, who was an intimidating former kick-boxer. Read also Lab 2 Biology Yafimau pleaded with Shimshilashvili to let him back out of the deal and return to his home in Belarus; however, he was denied and threatened. He was told that if he didn’t go through with the operation, he would be left in Ecuador and his family would be killed. Yafimau’s left kidney was transplanted into an Israeli woman in July of 2010, and on the plane ride back to Belarus, Shimshilashvili told him that if he went to the police and informed them of the details surrounding his illegal operation, he would be killed. Yafimau was paid $10,000 for his kidney, but he says that it isn’t worth the fear that he constantly lives with (Glovin, 2011). Dorin Razlog is one of the many poor people in Ghincauti, Moldova, and he earns a meager pay working as a Shepard. He is in his 30’s but only has an 8th grade education level which leaves him with very few ways to escape his current state of poverty. He was confronted by recruiters from organ trafficking ring who informed him that he could receive $10,000 for one of his kidney’s and he went through with the harvesting operation believing that this was in his best interest. After the operation, he was paid $7,000 ($3,000 less than what they promised to pay him) and $2,500 of that was useless after realizing that he was paid with counterfeit bills. He was then told that if he spoke to anybody about the operation, they would destroy his house and kill his family. Looking back on his actions, Dorin regrets his decision because after all the money he received was gone, all he was left with was incredible pain and suffering from his operation (Glovin, 2011). Yafimau, and Dorin are just several of the many thousands of people that are victims of organ transplants every year. General Biology Ii Study Guide (Online Class) iframe class="wp-embedded-content" sandbox="allow-scripts" security="restricted" style="position: absolute; clip: rect(1px, 1px, 1px, 1px);" src="" data-secret="CtT4lFDUP2" width="500" height="282" title="#8220;General Biology Ii Study Guide (Online Class)#8221; #8212; Free Essays -" frameborder="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" scrolling="no"/iframe Francis Delmonico, an adviser on issues regarding organ transplants to the World Health Organization, claims that approximately 5,000 people sell their organs to the black market every year. He accredits this to increased numbers of people that require organ transplants in relation to the limited number of organs available, and as a result, organ trafficking is on the rise. Organ trafficking is illegal in every country except Iran, but it continues because the trafficking rings target those who dwell in impoverished countries and they use violence and deception to coarse people into undergoing these dangerous operations. The human body has two kidneys that filter toxins out of the blood system, and failure in both of these kidneys will result in a quick death unless hooked up to a dialysis machine or if the person receives an organ transplant. The operations that these traffickers conduct are not only unprofessional but their victims are in great danger because if anything was to happen to their single kidney they would be facing almost certain death. Delmonico believes that the people that are most at fault are the middle men who search for their future victims and organize the operations because these traffickers often sell the rgans for fifteen to twenty times the amount that they pay the person who underwent the organ harvesting to the critically ill that are in dire need for these organs (Glovin, 2011). Many of these ill people whom are desperately looking for organs often turn to trafficking rings. These people will pay up to $150,000 while the seller’s only make up to $10,000, and this is how these trafficking rings continue to operate (Glovin, 2011). The people that are purchasing the organs are only fueling the issue as a result more and more people are illegally selling their organs. Read Chapter 8 Microbial Genetics The number of individuals that require transplants has greatly exceeded the number of organs available since the discovery of this new operation. 86,173 people were on the waiting list in the United States for organ transplants in July of 2004 and â€Å"on average 17 patients die every day while awaiting an organ; one person every 85 minutes. On average, 115 people are added to the nation’s organ transplant waiting list each day; one every 13 minutes (Kishore, 2004). The number of individuals whom require organ transplants that do not survive long enough to undergo the operation is staggering, and it has caused many professionals to ponder as to whether or not the current waiting list system is efficient. You read "Microbiology of Disease Chapter 1 Ppt" in category "Papers" 6,251 individuals expired while on the waiting list as a result of their organ not being donated in time (Kishore, 2004). People are usually really emotionally moved upon examination of these statistics, h owever what people fail to realize is that the success rate of organ transplants in the United States is much greater than the success rate of other poorer countries. Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, the Netherlands, and Slovenia make up what is called the â€Å"Eurotransplant Area† and this area in even a worse state than that of the United States. The success rate in the United States for patients who receive a new organ is 92% while the success rate in the Eurotransplant Area is 24%, and this is most likely a result of inferior medical equipment and surgical techniques (Kishore, 2004). People like to believe that criminals are transporting victims to abandoned warehouses and tying them down to tables and savagely extracting their organs, but this is often not the case. Most of these criminals are almost impossible to point out because they are often people that we are supposed to trust, such as our doctors, not some homeless person on the street. Bhagat Makkar, a British Doctor, was tried in court and charged with accounts of organ trafficking and was suspended from the medical register as a result. A journalist brought this situation to light after recording his conversation with Bhagat, posing as a son of a man who was in desperate need of a kidney. Bhagat told the journalist that he could easily find a donor in the poorer cities of India and that he might be able to find a donor in London (British MD Organ Dealing, 2011). Three Ukrainian doctors, who are now suspected to have been part of a much larger organ trafficking ring, were also arrested after being found guilty of trafficking the organs of road accident victims in the Ukraine and transporting them via helicopter (Doctors Arrested, 2011). These doctors who are partaking in this illicit behavior are doing so for their own personal gain although in court they often claim that they were only trying to help those in need. Many of these doctors and clinical physicians harvest organs so that they are not put to waste, and this has brought up many moral and ethical arguments among the medical community. There have already been implications set in place, such as the organ donating system in which people agree to donate their organs after they have passed away, but this system alone is not providing enough organs to save the enormous number of people that are in need of operations; Strategies such as liberalization of the concept of brain stem death; introduction of presumed consent; routine harvesting; required request; mandated choice; raising the donor’s upper age limit; relaxation of restrictions imposed on donations among family members; and allowing altruistic donations from strangers have not resolved the problem. Organ scarcity continues to prevail, leading to inequitable therapeutic dispensation; escalating costs; trade; crime; and premature death (Kishore, 2004). There have been many cases in India as well as other countries that revolve around clinicians and clinical managers harvesting organs that have gone to court or that are still under investigation. Many people think that what these clinicians have done is extremely wrong, but they only did what others could not in order to save the lives of other people. These people that went against the law, but sacrifices must be made for the better of the whole. â€Å"Millions of people are suffering, not because the organs are not available, but because â€Å"morality† does not allow them to have access to the organs† (Kishore, 2004). If everybody followed in these so called criminals footsteps, this problem could possibly be resolved without any violence necessary. Why has it been deemed criminal to save the lives of those in need using the organs of those deceased? These organs from the deceased could be considered a natural recourse and should not be wasted, but many people find this proposition to be immoral. 55. 3 million people die each year, and if each person was required to donate their organs there would be more than enough organs to provide to those in need (Ross, 2011). This idea has a few flaws in regards to religious beliefs, and the fact that for some religions it is forbidden to donate organs. There will also probably be people that argue that this idea violates human rights. There will be groups of people that refuse to partake in this action, but if everybody else donates their organs after they are deceased for at least one generation, we would most likely have a surplus of organs and these could be frozen and saved for people in the future. Doctors are currently able to use ice baths and a cold preservative solution to keep a kidney functional for 12-48 hours, but as technology advances doctors will hopefully be able to preserve organs for longer periods of time (Ford-Martin). Most people wish to have their deceased buried or cremated and claim that they would not want the body to be tampered with, however does it really matter what state the body is in prior to burial? Funerals are often seen as more of a spiritual process than simply the burial of the deceased. Faith might be one possible method for how to hook people into the idea of donating their organs. The first step in this process would be to raise awareness, and this could be done through several styles of media such as television, fliers, billboards, and campaigns. The campaign could centralize around Jesus Christ and his ultimate sacrifice and how is saved so many people. The ad could have some info on the increasing need for organ donors and then read, â€Å"What would Jesus do? † It might cause people to not be so selfish and greedy. If that approach does not work, the campaign could try and scare the public into changing their ways. A good model to follow would be the Above the Influence ads because of their successful impact on teenagers. These ads are made to scare teenagers into avoiding drugs by showing them the possibilities of how their bodies and lives could be destroyed. A commercial could be made to scare people into donating their organs so that they don’t have to constantly live in fear of being kidnapped and having their organs harvested and sold on the black market. These are a few simple ideas for changes that could be made to increase awareness about the increasing need for organ donors. The number of sick still waiting on the organ donor waiting list is steadily increasing, and if nothing is done to reverse this, more and more people will continue to die. What most people fail to realize is that these critically sick people are often paying members of global trafficking rings to hunt down an organ by any means for a hefty price. I hope that people will eventually realize that donating their organs to save somebody else’s life would be an extremely caring act, and that it would be much appreciated. If that fails, we can then attempt to scare people and say, â€Å"How would you like to have your organs harvested? This is a real possibility, but if everybody donates their organs there will be no business for these trafficking rings and they will eventually fall apart! Help bring trafficking rings down and save lives! † Works Cited â€Å"British MD guilty of organ dealing. †Ã‚  Toronto Star (Canada)  n. d. :  Newspaper Source. 4 Dec. 2011. Web â€Å"Doctors Arrested. † Herald Sun (Melbourne) (n. d. ): Newspaper Source. 4 Dec. 2011. Web Ford-Martin, Paula A. â€Å"Kidney Transplant – Procedure, Recovery, Test, Blood, Pain, Complications, Adults, Time, Infection, Operation, Graft, Medication, Heart, Cells, Types, Risk, Children, Cancer.   Encyclopedia of Surgery: A Guide for Patients and Caregivers. 05 Dec. 2011. Web http:. /http: Glovin. â€Å"Organ Traffickers Force the Poor to Sell Kidneys†. The Day. 2011. Print Ross, Stephan. â€Å"Statistics Population, World, Countries, Cities, Religions, Roman Catholic, Muslims – Worldwide Missions – Wholesome Words. †Ã‚  Wholesome Words Christian Website. 02 Dec. 2011. Web http:. /http: R R Kishore. â€Å"Human organs, scarcities, and sale: morality revisited†. Journal of Medical Ethics. 2004. Print How to cite Microbiology of Disease Chapter 1 Ppt, Papers

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Frederic Chopin and Billy Joel free essay sample

Nearly two centuries separate two of the greatest pianists of all times: yet Frederic Chopin and Billy Joel have many similarities in their composure of music. The biggest connection among the two is their love for the piano. Not only did they both enjoy playing the piano, it was a way of life for both Chopin and Joel. Chopin, a half-polish and half-French composer from the Romantic era Is known to some as the prince of the romantics (Samovars). Joel, an American pop musician often referred to by many as the Plano man (Sundown). Despite the fact these two composers are from different times as well as countries, they do have a number of resemblances. Frederic Chopin was born in Warsaw, Poland in the year 1810. Chopin began displaying his artistic talents at a very early age; he was an artist, enjoyed writing poetry and also played the piano without any formal training. He began composing music as a child and at the very young age of only seven, Chopping first piece of music was published. In the year 1817 Chopping first piece of music was performed publicly. About a year later, for the first time, Chopin himself played a concerto publicly.It was at this time Chopin began drawing comparisons to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Encyclopedia, 2013). At the age of 20, Chopin decided he must leave Warsaw to gain exposure to other musicians and to try and publicize his music. He went to Paris, where he spent much of his life, but his poor health often prevented him from performing publicly. Chopin suffered much of his days from tuberculosis, severe anxiety and Influenza often Mint 2 hindered his strength to perform and it was then he realized he could earn enough by simply teaching. Chopin preferred composition to playing concerts (Encyclopedia, 2013).While several ladies appear to be involved with Chopin over the years, George Sand, a novelist, seemed to be the most renowned. They met In 1836 and although the two never married, they were together for 10 years. Their relationship ended when they had a disagreement over Sands children. In 1846 Chopping health deteriorated causing the pianist to lose concentration and all interest in his composition. Frederic Chopin died in the year 1849 in Paris. Even though Chopping productivity was somewhat small to other great composers, many of his works as still some of the most admired pieces in classical music.Billy Joel was born William Martin Joel in Bronx, New York in the year 1949. Joel began playing piano at the age of four and Immediately showed a real talent for the Instrument. At 16, he dropped out of high school chasing a performing career. After a disappointing release to his first solo album which failed, Joel moved to Los Angles. It was here in 1972 he got a gig performing as a lounge pianist. This gig would later be the inspiration for his song Piano Man, which went on to be a Top 20 single (A, 2013). By 1981 , Joel had received a Grammar for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance and also Peoples Choice Award.Throughout the asss Joel racked up many hits. Joel and his first wife of nine years divorced In 1982. He met and married supermodel Christine alcohol addiction and was in and out of rehab. It was around this time he married journalist, Katie Lee. They too would divorce after only five years or Mint 3 marriage. Today, Joel is semi-retired when it comes to recording pop music; however, he has ventured out and took on something a little different composing a number of classical songs. Joel describes his song writing as music that meant something during the time in which I lived D transcended that time (Billy Joel). When comparing Frederic Chopin to Billy Joel, the first resemblance in the two is their love for the piano. They were both considered pros at playing. Both Chopin and Joel composed and wrote music with a lot of emotion. Chopping ballades were full of energetic tones: calm, slow, powerful and dynamic. Alike, many of Joules songs had meaning and were written about experiences he had encountered, some good and some bad. Both Joel and Chopin composed many pieces of work about romance. One of Joules most popular love songs is Shes Got a Way which was released in 1971.It is a beautiful vocal piece of music with the piano being the main instrument Ninth an accompanying guitar. Most of Chopping compositions had a romantic sound about them. Etude Pop 25 No 12 is an excellent example of one of Chopping masterpieces; it sounds like wonderful dancing music. On another entirely different note, both Chopin and Joel composed music about death. Chopping 3rd movement Funeral March from Piano Sonata #2 is still very familiar today to most of us today. A funeral march is usually a slow piece of music Ninth a steady, plodding beat in a minor key that evokes feelings of sadness and rife (Choice).Joel also recorded a song about death, Lullaby (Goodnight, My Mint 4 Angel). Joel wrote this song for his 7-year-old daughter after she started asking a lot of questions about death (Youth). As mentioned earlier, Joel in recent years has taken an interest in classical music releasing a CD of classical piano pieces called Fantasies and Delusions in 2001 (Sundown). It appears that Chopin may have been an inspiration to Joel including a part of Chopping C minor prelude in his tune Suite for Piano. In an article by Greg Sundown, he states that Joel only emulates the sound f Chopin, but his music is his own.Sundown also goes on to say that Chopin seems yielding and romantic while Joel more muscular. In conclusion, although from ere different times (nearly two centuries), both Frederic Chopin and Billy Joel were expert composers and pro pianists. Given the significant number of years separation between the two and also considering how music has changed over those years, it is difficult to determine how similar their music really was. However, it is evident that both Chopin and Joel composed music based on feelings and emotions. They both rote romantic pieces dealing with love and passion.